Heart Health, my personal heart story began January 2013

Written by David Allen

Oct 2018

Heart Health has been on the minds of many of us and on me too. Especially since several years ago my cousin Linda, only 49, died. She went to the ER for severe pain in both shoulders; the doctors gave her a prescription for arthritis. She died suddenly of heart failure while leaving the ER lobby with prescription in hand.

A bit later Linda’s brother, my cousin Roger, collapsed at work and could not be revived. Roger, too, had died suddenly of undiagnosed heart failure.

Before either of these cousins died my father died, but at 81. Later I learned that 2 days before he died he phoned my brother who lived near him. Dad said that he felt like his heart could stop at any moment but no doctor was consulted and paramedics were not called. Dad died of untreated heart failure on Thanksgiving morning.

None of this gave me any thought that I might have the same problem because we had been on a healthy diet of no processed foods, dyes, colors or preservatives for decades, so I felt safe.

However, several years later I did not feel well and was taken to the ER. My head felt strange but there was not any chest pain or shortness of breath. I went to the ER, which rushed me to the Heart Hospital ICU. They instructed me not to move, sit up, or get out of bed. My blood pressure was 233/133 and heart rate was 127. I was given Nitro and diuretics and told to expect severe headaches from the Nitro. So there I lay wired up like a chimp ready to be shot into space.

Over the next five days I received every type of cardio test available. The results came in that my widow maker was 95% blocked. The second most critical artery was 90% blocked. Stents were the first choice but they said my heart was too exhausted to survive the procedure. Second choice was open-heart surgery to replace blocked arteries. Again, they said my heart was not strong enough to survive either procedure.

Three Thoracic Surgeons stood in front of me and passed on the good news and the bad news.

First, the good news: you are young only 61, not on any medications and especially good that you’re not a diabetic.

Second, the bad news: your heart is to weak to survive stenting or open-heart surgery. The only option to keep you alive is an immediate transplant. Fortunately, because of your age, lack of diabetes and medications you will be first on the national transplant list. They said my current life expectancy without a transplant, was anything from a day or maybe a week.

I did not feel fortunate, lucky or in anyway excited about their enthusiasm to remove my heart. I turned down their offer, which looked to have broken their hearts. My wife and I prayed about it and agreed that I would leave the hospital to rest at home. All the doctors and nurses were terrified that I was checking out and assured me that I would drop dead before reaching my car. Well, I did make it to the car and was excited to be heading home where it would be quiet. If I did die at least it would be at a place of my choosing.

Looking back, I can understand their concern since my heart was functioning at just 19% EF. However, I learned later that they could have put the stents in immediately by using an Impella Heart Pump. Eight months later through a different health system, they did the stents with Impella Pump assist, just 36 hours after meeting them. This heart surgeon could not believe the other physicians ignored my heart’s need of oxygen just so they could have a successful transplant to brag about.

In the summer of 2018 my cardiologist said that all of my arteries were clear and my heart was functioning at 64% EF, a normal reading for an adult. I started a nutritional regime in 2013 which I continue to this day. The NeoLife products are human clinically tested and proven. All products are GMO-free and no gluten.

Grandpa David, grandson Malakai and Hershey dog having fun taking landscape photos, having fun.

Grandpa David, grandson Malakai and Hershey dog having fun taking landscape photos at Horsetooth Reservoir Nov 2018

1) Tré Nutritional Polyphenols Juice polyphenols from Pomegranate, Acai berry, Green Tea, and other dark berries. Vibrant Health, Antioxidant Protection, Heart Health, Sharp Mind, Cognitive Well Being, Boosted Blood Flow, Anti-Aging, Eye Health, Urinary Tract Health, Prostate & Breast Health. 20 TIMES the punicalagins of Fresh Pomegranate Juice! 5-10 TIMES the resveratrol of Fine Red Wine! 7 TIMES the antioxidant power of Ripe Red Tomatoes! 6 TIMES the alpha-lipoic acid of Fresh Spinach!

2) Carotenoid Complex with all 15 major carotenes oils. USDA Human Study researchers found it boosts immune capacity by 37% in just 20 days. Reduces oxidation of cholesterol and boosts antioxidant levels in the blood to support your vital organs. Scientifically linked to reduced risk for developing cancer, heart disease, and age-related degenerative diseases of the eyes and nervous system.

3) Flavonoid Complex with all major water soluble antioxidants. Flavonoid-rich fruits are linked with reduced risks for cancer, heart disease, and other age-related degenerative diseases. Contains all flavonoid classes: flavones, flavanols, flavanones, anthocyanins and catechins.

4) Vitamins E Complex (all 8 forms) Water Miscible, better digested than water soluble types. Improves oxygen throughout the body. Improves elasticity of skin, tissue, arteries. As an antioxidant, it protects cell membranes from free radical attack. As an essential nutrient, it is required to promote and maintain good health. Supplementation may dramatically support cardiovascular health. Vitamin E may help boost immunity. Water-miscible for improved absorption. Water miscible formulation quickly disperses into small particles that are easily absorbed. Contains all 8 forms.

5) Salmon Oil Plus (all 8 omega-3s). Clinically Proven: Readily absorbed and assimilated into cell membranes, Reduced triglycerides by 17% in just eight weeks, Improved omega-3 index by 38%,  Lowered inflammatory index by 68% in just eight weeks. Ultra pure: All Sources are screened for more than 200 potential contaminants. Supports optimal function of body tissues and organs, notably the heart, blood vessels, brain, nerves, eyes, skin and joints.

6) Formula IV softgel (4 factor) whole-food multi-vitamin mineral liquid softgel. Broad Spectrum: Vitamins and minerals including all natural Vitamins A & D, complete B-complex vitamins, Vitamin C plus Acerola cherry bioflavonoids and complete Vitamin E family. Enzymes to promote digestibility.  Also a rich source of essential lipids and sterols important for cellular health.

7) Garlic Allium Complex (garlic, leeks, onions, chives). Multiple Benefits: Garlic phytonutrients help to maintain healthy blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Supports healthy immune responses and normal cell growth and renewal. Each tablet equivalent to one clove of fresh garlic. Odor-free does not come up on breath.

8) CoQ10 Complex food-based formula. Supports: Optimal function of cardiovascular health; cognitive health; healthy vision and hearing; new muscle development and retention; muscle cell energy production and renewal. Unique Encapsulation Technology digestion begins in as little as 2 minutes promoting rapid absorption. Delivers 100mg of natural sourced, highly bioavailable CoQ10 in a clinically proven dose. Exclusive NeoLife Mitogenic Phyto-lipid & Sterol Blend, known to support optimal mitochondrial structure and function. NeoLife Proprietary Polyphenol Blend delivers natural, whole-food sourced polyphenols. L-cysteine, the “rate-limiting” amino acid needed for cellular biosynthesis of the mitochondrial protector glutathione.

9) Magnesium Chelate Complex food-based formula. Promotes Energy Production, Heart Health, Muscle Function, Balanced Mood.* Double amino acid chelation and 3D Technology to promote fast dissolution and maximum absorption. Benefits  a number of chronic diseases including cardiovascular disease, hypertension, type-2 diabetes and osteoporosis, cramps. 100% Vegan Made entirely without animal sourced ingredients of any kind. Magnesium Complex fills the strict sourcing criteria expected by vegetarian/vegan supplement users.

Available at www.bolv.com and www.gmofreehealth.com

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