Rest and Relax Herbal Neolife GNLD


Rest and Relax Herbal Neolife GNLD helps calm your body, quiet your mind, and renew your positive outlook, so you can rest with ease.*

■ Promotes restful sleep and refreshed awakening.

■ Help lift mood and promote calm relaxation.


■ Contains 8 herbs in an effective, balanced mix to help rest and relax*

■ Lemon balm, skullcap, schisandra, and passion flower promote calm relaxation*

■ Damiana and St. John’s Wort help lift mood and support healthy sleep patterns*

■ Verbena and German chamomile provide a complementary effect

USAGE Take 1 tablet at evening meal and 1 at bedtime.

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Rest and Relax Herbal Neolife GNLD helps relax the body, master herbalists have long believed that one must first “calm the mind,” and that certain herbs work to balance and quiet the mind — essential before true relaxation or a good night’s sleep can be experienced. NeoLife’s Herbal Rest & Relax contains a unique blend of herbs formulated to support a relaxed body and quiet mind, which is essential for optimal rest and a good night’s sleep.


Comprehensive formula. Our unique “complete family” approach to the formula provides broad, synergistic effects of the herbal constituents, which optimizes their ability to support a relaxed body and quiet mind–essential for normal sleep function.

Herbs are selected from many global traditions, bringing you the best herbal knowledge from around the world.

Contains St. John’s Wort, which has been shown to help support calmness, relieve low mood, reinforce positive mental attitude, and support healthy sleep patterns.*

Contains Lemon Balm and Passion Flower, which have been shown to help calm and relax the body, aid sleep and reduce depression.

Guaranteed purity, potency, and consistency.

Natural herbal formula contains no chemical or animal products.


Help us End the Trend of Chronic Disease using the good nutrition as our weapon of choice.

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