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Thanks for checking us out. Obviously, you are interested in the very best natural food supplements in the world! We were too when in 1981 we joined the Golden Neo-Life team as a young family with no money and seven children to raise – Greg, Todd, Jill, Guy, Brett, Christopher, and Steve. But we always believed in natural foods and feeding our kids right. My wife, Darlene, cooked and made everything from scratch using yogurt, granola, whole grains and local organic meats. She worked part time at a nearby health food store to obtain these “special” foods and I worked construction and handyman jobs. Although at the time, Neo-Life seemed too expensive for us to use, we believed that God wanted us to have the “very best” for our children and ourselves. Our efforts paid off and our children were the healthiest on the block, eliminating costly doctor bills. We began to share our lifestyle and NeoLife Vitamins with others who also began to experience better health and more energy. We also thoroughly enjoyed the many testimonies and closeness we shared with our NeoLife friends and customers.

In 1994, I decided to hang up my tool belt and start selling NeoLife full time to spread the word of better eating and Neo-Life, along with some other products in a little store for 19 years. Even though I am retired, now, my online business is thriving thanks to NeoLife returned customer satisfaction. Before retiring herself, Darlene spread her talents for ministry to children by finishing her degree and becoming a Special Education teacher, also in 1994. Before retiring, she shared NeoLife with the parents that she worked with. They really appreciated her years of child rearing and nutrition expertise. She popped in our store whenever she could to talk with our family of customers.

Although our kids are grown now, they and their families are still using and benefiting from NeoLife supplements. We are up to 10 grandchildren now – Lauren, Megan, Erin, Adam, Luke, Hailee, Kyle, Quinn, Christian, Malakai and two great grandkids, Gavin and Annika.

Our youngest son, Steven completed a college degree and is involved in physical fitness. He runs, lifts weights, and works out, using NeoLife supplements, not steroids, to stay fit and keep his “body build” physique. Krista, his wife is completing a bachelor’s degree and hopes eventually to be a dentist. She also is into fitness, complemented with NeoLife products for her and their little guy, Malakai.

We are still very much a Christian family who not only has a family of our own, but a family of NeoLife customers to share the wonderful news of God’s goodness to them in furnishing his son’s love and fatherly care in giving the very best in nutrition for our earthly bodies. We sincerely hope that you allow us to share the NeoLife story with you and best meet your nutritional needs.

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